Environmental Chambers

Advance's modular insulated building components are quickly becoming the product of choice for constructing environmentally controlled rooms. We engineer our environmental chambers depending on the specific requirements: Temperature, humidity and degree of cleanliness. Our enclosures will withstand temperatures of -120 F to +200F (-85C to 94C) in a steady state environment. Custom built to your specific application.

1. Cycling Chambers:

Standard Features: Welded corners, cove floors, 16 gauge stainless steel 304 #4 brushed floors, flush foamed in place drains, sealed seams, removable gasket to assist in seam sealants adhesive, 22 gauge stainless steel interior panels, strapped cams for added strength, stainless steel interior hardware, high-temperature gasket sealed door seams, stainless steel cap covers.

Options: Steel tapping plates, wall panel cut outs, custom sizes, custom doors, silicone door gaskets, custom wiring harness, high temperature light fixtures, high temperature glass, exterior cam holes, thermal floor reinforcement up to 4,800 pounds per square foot.

2. Clean Rooms/Steady State Rooms:

Advance Clean Rooms are manufactured for prevention of product or process contamination in operations such as:
  • Disk Drive Assembly
  • Semi-conductor Processing
  • Film processing
  • Electronic Media Processing
  • Clean Product Packaging
  • Biological
  • Pharmaceutical

Standard Features: Multiple finishes for the interior and exterior. Continuous insulated panel lengths up to 30 feet, smooth finishes without embossing or rigidizing to reduce the chance of bacteria growth, removable gaskets for ease of applying sealants to seams, flush mounted windows with aluminum frames.

Options: Steel backing plates, custom floors, foamed in place conduits, junction boxes, internal foamed-in-place structural members, wall cut-outs, custom stainless steel windows, drop ceilings, control panels, cam straps in panels for additional strength, structural support systems for equipment or control rooms.

Cryo Rooms:

Standard Features: Advance Cryo Chambers are designed to adjust metal expansion, seam integrity and insulation value. Advance is the only company in the industry today that can offer manufactured injection foamed in place room panels and doors with up to 8 inch thickness and an R-factor of R-8 per inch.

Options: Our 6 and 8 inch panel rooms are being used for testing to extreme temperatures, large scale storage of priceless product and the pharmaceutical industry.