Refrigerated Warehouses

Advance Energy's "Kwik-Lok walk-ins" are designed for use in large coolers, freezers and warehouses. The kwik-lok has several advantages. It applies to more custom size boxes and gives the customer much more flexibility in design. These walk-ins cater to the custom project and can be designed to fit your needs. The walls, floors and ceiling panels are of cam-lock construction and are manufactured with superior dimensional accuracy and cosmetic appearance.

Advance Engineered Features:

  • Excellent application for extreme humidity and temperature control
  • Available in 4 to 8 inch thick panels in continuous lengths up to 30 feet
  • Applications for both indoor and outdoor
  • More flexibility for demanding and custom projects
  • Ceiling to wall joints are 4 times stronger and have an air tight seal
  • Custom sizes and shapes to your specific application
  • Excellent for warehouse size applications