Walk-In Doors

Our strong, economical Energy Guard Doors are designed to save energy. Every Advance door has at least 4" of R-32 polyurethane insulation. Our doors can be manufactured to be infitting or overlap and are fitted with chrome-plated or aluminum hardware. Each Advance door comes standard with a grease resistant, vinyl magnetic gasket on the sides and top and a neoprene rubber sweeper gasket on the bottom. The heat range for our doors is between 6 to 8 watts per foot for doors above -20F and between 9 and 12 watts per foot for doors with below -20F.

Door Options:

  • Heated thermopane windows, tempered glass
  • Internal or external ramps
  • Energy guard strip curtains
  • Kick plate of stainless steel or diamond plate for door and or door frame
  • Blast Freezer kit for extreme conditions
  • Available in 4" to 8" thickness

Standard Features:

  • 4" thick polyurethane insulated doors and frame
  • Flush mounted with corrosion-resistant cam lift chrome plated hinges
  • Hinges feature stainless steel hinge pins and are tapped into steel back-up plates with nylon cam lift bearing surfaces
  • Doors have inside safety releases and are designed for pad locking
  • Impact-type door closer
  • Greases-resistant, vinyl gaskets with a neoprene rubber sweeper gasket on the buttom
  • Vapor proof light/switch, heated door and frame with dial thermometer
  • Heat relief vent when temperature requires it
  • Heat around the door and door frame for applications below 35F

Insulated, Glass Display Doors

The glass doors supplied by Advance Energy are designed to be energy efficient and offer easy access for the customer. Optional extra shelving, multiple fronts and warm cables for the doors and frames are also available.

Opening Sizes (single doors):

  • 23" x 67", 23" x 75"
  • 26-3/4" x 67", 26-3/4" x 75"
  • 28-3/4" x 75", 28-3/4" x 79"
  • 30-1/4" x 67", 30-1/4" x 75"
  • 30-1/4" x 79"

Reach-In Doors:

  • Sizes: 30" x 30", 30" x 48" and 30" x 54"

Cooler/Freezer/Cold Storage Doors

Standard Hinged Doors

Standard Size:

  • Width - 36" x 48", 58", 60" and 72"
  • Height - 78" and 84"
  • Custom sizes also available upon request
  • Single swing doors up to 6' x 12'
  • Double swing doors up to 10' x 12'

Bi Parting Hinged Doors

Standard Size:

  • Width - 60", 72", 84", 96", 108" and 120"
  • Height - 84", 96" and 120"

Sliding Doors

Advance sliding doors are available in manual or electric closure. Our trolley is constructed of ball bearing cast iron with 10lbs per foot capacity track. The top bracket has a shield bearing system in place and has a built-in structural beams or members to add to the durability of the doors.

Standard Sizes:

Width - 69", 80'5", 92", 103.5" and 115"

Height - 72", 84", 96" and up to 14'